MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Advanced techniques to highlight your beauty. Dr. Alejandro Mora Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon MAKE AN APPOINTMENT To achieve a harmonious and natural body. Dr. Alejandro Mora Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon MAKE AN APPOINTMENT The art of aesthetics in the hands of professionals. Dr. Alejandro Mora Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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Advanced Procedures
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Personalized Tracking
With you from the beginning of the procedure until achieving the desired results and recovery.

It consists of lifting, reducing and increasing the breasts, according to the patient’s need.

Elimination of excess fat and tension from the abdominal wall to reshape the abdomen and waist.

It consists of stretching and rebuilding the muscles under the skin, treating wrinkles, among other imperfections.

It is the technique that allows giving a different shape and increasing the volume of the buttocks.

Remodeling the silhouette through the extraction of fat or adipose tissue from various parts of the body.

It is a minimally invasive technique to remove the clumps of fat that accumulate on the cheeks.

Dr. Alejandro Mora

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


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